Erin (everafterever) wrote in degrassi_spoils,

OMG, I JOIN YOU BITCH. (dis community been OWNED by my joining. D: I am so lamely fake-ghetto.)

And. Yeah. I don't have anything to say except OMFGZ TERRI'S GONNA DIE. End.
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not terry! sh'es kinda cool, get rid of liberty, she bugs everyone i think
how is she gonna die? anorexia? (kidding) but seriously, how can they killa teenage girl on a teenage show? i'm con-foosed...
Rick comes back and puts her in the hospital ;_; goddamn Rick.
aaw. rick sucks! I actually just caught the episode where she first goes out with him and she steps on his rose in the end. (same ep as the nice shot of spin's boxers rawr.) jeez, they weren't kidding when they said it's gonna be intense, now were they??
TERRY DIES? What else is gonna happen that I don't know about?
umm how do you know she's going to die?!?!

I know she'll end up in the hospital b/c of Rick but does she actually die?!?!?!